Expect More

With Chiropractic offices on every major city street corner, we know you have options when it comes to Chiropractic care.  With Miller Sports & Wellness you can expect more from your Health Care Team.

First Appointment:


Miller Sports & Wellness proudly uses an online scheduler to request appointments. You may also call our office to schedule 262-366-3655).


Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to complete our new patient paperwork, or complete New Patient Paperwork prior to your arrival. The first visit takes approximately 1 hour from arrival.

New Patient Exam

Your New Patient Examination is customized to your unique case and chief concern. The exam is crucial to ensure you are a good candidate for conservative care and to determine the appropriate diagnosis.  Services during your first visit may include, but are not limited :

  • Necessary Vitals (Height, Weight, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, etc)
  • History (Medical, Family History, etc)
  • Injury Specific Exams (Range of Motion, Orthopedic, Neurological, etc)
  • Referrals for any additional testing needed out of office (X-Rays, Imaging, Labwork, etc)

You may or may not receive treatment on your first visit. It depends entirely on the complexity of your case and if further information is required prior to treatment.

Plan of Action

Once we have a complete understanding of your case (and for some, the necessary out-of-office tests are completed), we will help you understand what we’ve learned about you and how we can help you. Our goal is to make sure you understand your condition and the many treatment options available to you. Together, we will determine a treatment plan and a date to re-evaluate your condition.

If your condition does not typically respond well to conservative care, we will give you information for a provider from our large network of trusted professionals who we believe can help you.


Return Visits:

ART, Active Release Technique with Miller Sports and Wellness

Active Release Techniques are just one of the many soft tissue tools we use in our Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Office.

We have different types of returning patient appointments. We’ll help you understand which is the right type for your treatment plan:

  • Returning Patient (20 mins) – Our most common appointment type, this includes time with our provider(s) for soft tissue, corrective exercise and, as needed, Chiropractic adjustments.
  • Returning Patient with New Injury or Re-Evaluation (30 mins) – This longer appointment is for patients needing Re-evaluation, Diagnosis of new injuries not part of your original treatment plan, for those who have been out of our care for more than 4 months, or with treatment plans which require additional time. Expect a Re-Evaluation appointment after 3-4 weeks of care, and at the conclusion of your treatment plan. These appointments help us ensure that our treatments are working for you.
  • Functional Exam (30 mins) – Our signature service, the Functional Exam provides patients an in-depth look at movement patterns, unique body style & compensations to create a customized set of corrective exercises to re-balance inefficiencies in the body and to optimize performance. Referrals are also provided as needed for additional assistance outside of our scope of practice.
  • Adjustment Only (10 mins) – Because we prefer to treat the whole person, and not just the skeletal system, less than 10% of our patients are eligible for this appointment type. Contact us if you are uncertain if this appointment is right for you.
  • Free Injury Assessment (10 mins) – A free 10 minute appointment to inspect your injury and offer our solutions, or refer you to a provider from our network of trusted professionals.


Expect More: Move and Be WellConclusion of Care

Miller Sports & Wellness empowers and educates our patients to create collaborative treatment solutions. We expect more from our treatment strategies and our patients expect more too.  Patients utilize their treatment plans to not only heal, but to prevent re-injury or additional pain.  Patients typically respond rapidly to our care, and those performing their home care can expect results within 4-6 visits (but sometimes as rapidly as a single visit).  Our patients learn ways to can treat themselves better, and resource our services when their needs require more support.  MSWC celebrates the conclusion of care for our patients and welcomes the opportunity to help you achieve your health and wellness goals!