Payment OptionsPayment Options: Control your path to health and optimal performance

Miller Sports & Wellness believes patients should be in control of their own path to health and wellness – not their insurance companies. MSWC does not accept third party insurance.  Why?  Because we like to have control over our patients’ treatment plans, and not be limited by the blanket standards and requirements insurance companies place on providers.  Our treatment plans are agile and effective in treating the root cause of pain – rather than solely the symptoms of pain.

Time of Service

Patients are responsible for paying at the time of service and are responsible for payment after each visit. For complex cases, Miller Sports & Wellness offers payment plans and financing options.

Flex Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts (FSA/HSA)

Miller Sports & Wellness accepts all FSA and HSA cards for payments on services in office. Products sold in office may not be eligible for your FSA/HSA.  MSWC provides receipts for documenting FSA/HSA transactions in office, but makes no guarantee of approval by patient FSA/HSA providers.

Out-of-Network Insurance

Miller Sports & Wellness providers are Out-of-Network with all health insurance carriers. Patients receive the highest quality, individualized care at lower rates than industry standards. Miller Sports & Wellness provides all necessary information for patients to submit to their insurance carrier for reimbursement. Submission is the patients responsibility. Miller Sports & Wellness is unable to verify benefits; knowing the constraints of the policy is our patients’ responsibility.

Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury Cases

Miller Sports & Wellness works with patients involved in Workers’ Compensation and/or Personal Injury Cases.  All cases are the patient’s responsibility until written notice is received confirming coverage. In the event services are not covered, or written notice is not received, payment remains the patient’s responsibility.


Miller Sports & Wellness accepts Medicare for eligible patients as a non-participating provider. Patients must notify MSWC of Medicare eligibility at the beginning of the first visit, and then will have up to 7 days to confirm coverage. Medicare has a history of covering spinal adjustments only (not soft tissue, corrective exercise therapies, or extensive exams). Patients are responsible for all services not covered by Medicare, and may elect to opt-out of therapies not typically covered by Medicare. MSWC makes no guarantee of coverage by Medicare.  In the event services are not covered, or Medicare information is not received, payment remains the patient’s responsibility.


Fee Schedule

Miller Sports & Wellness caters every treatment plan specifically to each patient’s injury, ability and goals. Because the care we provide is so individualized, there is no guarantee of the exact cost of each visit. Fees are based on the total time with our providers, so the more time spent in the treatment room, the higher the cost. Patients are only billed for services they receive.

We have provided the following information to help guide your expectations, but the actual price will depend on the services you receive:

  Returning Patient Appointment with Miller Sports & Wellness  New Injury and Re-Evaluation Appointment with Miller Sports & Wellness  Functional Exam with Miller Sports & Wellness  Adjustment Only Appointments with Miller Sports & Wellness  Adjustment Only Appointments with Miller Sports & Wellness

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Active Release Techniques® ART® at Miller Sports & Wellness

ART Active Release Techniques with Dr Therese Miller at Miller Sports & Wellness

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Our Services:

  • New Patient (40-60 mins) –  $150-$200
  • Returning Patient (20 mins) – $70 – $100
  • Returning Patient with New Injury or Re-Evaluation (30 mins) – $100 – $150
  • Functional Exam (40-60 mins) – $135 – $150
  • Adjustment Only (10 mins) – $38-$46 – Please Note: Less than 10% of our patients are eligible for this appointment type based on treatment plans. Contact us if you are uncertain.
  • Free Injury Assessment (10 mins) – Absolutely free.
  • Active Release Techniques (ART) with Dr Miller, DC (20 mins) – 5 for $250 or 1 for $60


Please contact us for more information or scheduling these services.