Our Partners

Miller Sports & Wellness is proud of our health and wellness partners.  Our partners foster the vibrancy of our healthy, strong community and we are honored to work with them. Click the links on our partners’ names for more information on their services.


Hands On, Inc – Massage Therapies

3400 S 103rd Street, Suite #300, Greenfield, WI 53227

Hands On, Inc is owned and operated by Elizabeth Hoffman.  Elizabeth provides relief and relaxation through the use of massage therapy and Active Release Techniques® (ART®).


Cream City CrossFit

Cream City CrossFit Co-Op

2627 S Greeley Street, Milwaukee, WI 53207

Cream City CrossFit is dedicated to improving the health, well-being, and athletic performance of our athletes by employing functional training modalities that are quantifiable, repeatable and practical. Cream City CrossFit believes that only through fitness of body do we attain fitness of character, fitness of family, and fitness of nation.


Rosencutter Ultra FitnessRosencutter Ultra Fitness & Performance

Greenfield: 8575 W Forest Home Avenue Ste. 60, Greenfield, WI 53228

Wauwatosa: 6505 W. North Avenue, Wauwatosa, WI 53213

Nick, Alex and their teams are among the nation’s top strength and conditioning minds; their level of credentials, expertise, continuing education and philosophies are what we believe to be in a class by itself. Rosencutter Ultra Fitness & Performance (RUFP) successfully helps us fill the void between giving a “return to play” after injury and full level activity.

Yogi Mobility, LLCYogi Mobility - Sandy Fredenburgh Integrated Yoga Tune Up, The Roll Model and Alignment Yoga Movement Educator in Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee, WI

Yogi Mobility is owned and operated by Sandy Fredenburgh. Sandy helps people of all body types relieve pain, improve posture and enhance performance through Yoga Tune Up® movements, mobility exercises, Alignment Yoga, and The Roll Model® Therapy Ball techniques.