What to Expect

If “I’m New” is you, welcome!  At Miller Sports & Wellness, we expect you to be treated with personalized options for your healthcare. We strive to deliver first class services to empower you with the knowledge and skills to understand your unique body’s needs, and what you can do to move and feel better. For those things that your body needs our help with, we’ll be there, with clear expectations and communication. Visit our What to Expect Page for more information.

New Patient Paperwork

“I’m New” is often an intimidating feeling whether on a job, on the playground, or at a healthcare provider’s office.  Being new often also means, it’s time consuming.  Visit our New Patient Paperwork Page for the forms you need during your first visit, so that you may complete them in advance.

Payment Options

Miller Sports & Wellness believes patients should be in control of their own path to health and wellness – not their insurance companies.  We are a cash practice that also accepts Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury and Medicare cases. Our goal is to take the scariness out of “I’m New,” please visit our Payment Options Page for upfront expectations and communication of all of our patient financial information.


Welcome to MSWC!

We’re so glad you’ve taken a moment to get to know more about what makes us unique. If you have any questions you can email us or call us 262-366-3655