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In some cases, medical insurance may be saving you some money. In most other cases, insurance companies can be starving your bank account. We presented a full Facebook Live on this topic, view it HERE. This month, we chose to pull out some highlights so you can quickly see how you may save money using a non-insurance office, such as MSWC.


Here are some comparisons between average chiropractic visits in the US and us here at MSWC:

Average Across the USMSWC Average
Number of Visits12 – 15 4 – 6
Cost/ Visit$200 – $300 $70 – $90
Total Cost of Care$2400 – $4500 $280 – $540


Of course, in the example above, we have not included factors such as care with other providers, family maximum out of pockets, other health conditions which affect healing time, etc. Also, please note that these are averages. Every case is different, and costs can vary accordingly. However, following this simple scenario, we clearly demonstrated cost savings by choosing an out of network office.

Here are some other things to consider:

  • What if your plan has higher deductibles, copays or coinsurance?
  • What if you have multiple episodes in a year?
  • What if you have multiple areas of concern?
  • Are you receiving home tools and education to prevent long-term relapse of the condition?
  • Are you restoring adequate function and reducing compensatory patterns which can lead to other concerns? Or are you only managing pain?


You are probably wondering, how is it that US averages are 12-15 visits, but MSWC is only 4-6? Why is the average cost of care so much lower at MSWC?

1. Limits on Services

Many insurance contracts limit providers to the number or type of services provided each visit. While every carrier is different, it is not uncommon that services are limited to 3, or even 2, services on any given day. That means providers have to pick and choose what they can do in each visit. Unfortunately, many techniques work best when combined with other techniques. So, when allowed to choose the proper services for the patient, we can achieve exponentially better results.

2. Limits on regions treated

Depending on state regulations, the credentials of your provider, and insurance contracts, some care may be limited to the region of pain. This is highly dependant on numerous factors, so this cannot be generalized. However, pain is not always where the source of the problem is. This goes hand in hand with our next point.

3. Getting to the Root of the Problem

In our Facebook live, we use an example of a low back strain. In this case, the pain is in the low back. However, is the low back the underlying cause of injury? Sometimes. Other times it is caused by hip or mid-back dysfunction, maybe even ankle or shoulder dysfunction. Every case is different. By addressing the underlying cause from the beginning we are able to control pain faster, reduce healing time, and reduce risk of recurrence.

4. Billing Services

Insurance payments take time to process and often require significant work behind the scenes to receive payment. By collecting straight from you, and reporting directly to you instead of your insurance company, we significantly reduce our workload. Less work for us means less time. Less time means less cost for you!

5. Global Approach to Care

We take a global approach to care. If you have other joints, areas of pain, or conditions, those are all taken into consideration. We co-manage your case with other providers. We are able to address multiple areas of concern at the same time. The body is one, giant, tug of war and balancing act. The fastest, and most permanent, way to get results is by addressing the entire picture.

6. Educating patients

We spend a LOT of time educating you. We are constantly building your home tools. This makes  you less reliant on us, and more capable of being an active participant in your own care. As much as we love you, our goal is that you won’t need us in the future. This way, when you see us for 30 minutes, we are able to help teach you how to help yourself throughout the rest of the day.

I hope this gave you some thought provoking new ideas. Now, for the challenge: Is there someone you think could benefit from this info? Please share it! Finally, be sure to apply this not only to MSWC, but other offices. Ask about non-insurance rates. Do not immediately discount out-of-network providers. You never know what the most cost effective way to care may be!

Katie Gates
About the Author
I graduated from the University of Tulsa in May 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education. After graduation, I realized that my true interests lie in Information Technology. Shortly following this discovery, my husband, Grant, accepted a position in Racine, Wisconsin, so we packed up our two dogs and headed north. Once we got settled, I was accepted to the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and began working on my Master’s Degree in IT. I hope to have the program complete sometime in 2020. As I work on my Master’s Degree, I’m enjoying learning more about Office Management with Miller Sports & Wellness.

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