2019 Spring Allergy Challenge

WHY: Did you know one report estimates 75% of Americans take medication for their allergies? Did you also know environmental allergies may be a symptom of a larger immune system dysfunction? Did you know there are numerous ways to address underlying cause, manage symptoms and improve quality of life?

WHAT: 2 week (April 1 – April 14) challenge to learn techniques and new ways to manage your allergy symptoms

DETAILS: Simple. Learn at your own pace. Ask questions. Try new methods to manage symptoms. Win prizes.

  • Join the private challenge facebook group*
    • daily tips and tricks,
    • tons of resources,
    • education sessions (10-15 minute learning sessions with topics ranging from food sensitivities to allergen reducing cleaning techniques and so much more)
  • Attend the Essential Oil Make & Take Class on March 21, 2019. We will be making the allergen reducer roller, dust mite cleaning spray and mold/mildew cleaning spray.
  • Use an essential oil mouthwash twice per day and an essential oil roller as needed.
  • Complete a brief weekly questionnaire (optional). Each completed questionnaire will be entered to earn prizes.

*Facebook groups are NOT HIPAA compliant. We will not disclose private health information through this group, and we do not recommend sharing your private health information. This group is for educational purposes only and MSWC does not accept responsibility for private health information you choose to post.

WHO: Everyone. Please invite friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. No need to be an MSWC patient. This is actually a National event, collaborated with providers across the nation!!

COST: $29

About the Author
Dr. Therese Miller, D.C., believes passionately about changing the expectations of patients toward their healthcare. Providing a fusion of chiropractic medicine, corrective exercise and manual therapies, she currently holds additional training in 9 techniques. Since 2013, she has held the prestigious "Elite Provider" certification through Active Release Techniques® and is working to complete her Diplomate in Rehab. Dr. Miller has built Miller Sports & Wellness as a leading resource for athletes and patients looking for long-term, pain-free living.

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