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Learn a little about how the body goes through repair processes- just like dropping a box of matches. Then check out these videos on some good ways you can encourage quality tissue integrity, recover from activity and reduce pain at home!

As always, if you are really experiencing pain or an ongoing problem, be sure to get to the root of the problem! Don’t just chase symptoms or ignore a larger issue- be sure to schedule online if you need evaluation!

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Miller Sports and Wellness (MSWC) is a team of movement specialists trained to help patients understand their unique movement and lifestyle habits to optimize their body's performance. MSWC is headed by Dr. Therese Miller, a Chiropractor with training in Active Release Technique® (ART®), a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and overall fitness fanatic. Dr Miller loves to help patients create balance in their bodies by uncovering movement inefficiencies to get to the root cause of their pain and movement dysfunction.

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