Common Foot and Ankle Injuries

Today we are talking about the most common foot injuries that we see at the office. There are a ton of
different things that can happen to this area of the body, but let’s go through on the most common ones
that we see and treat.

Ankle Sprain
We all know the story – you step off a curb or another uneven surface and you roll the ankle outward.
When you roll your ankle, you can tear or stretch the 3 ligaments that come down from the leg, down
through the ankle and to the foot. You also have a group of muscles that come down the back of the leg
near your calf that attaches underneath your foot and if the sprain is bad enough, you can damage these
muscles as well.
We typically grade ankle sprains based on the number of ligaments involved, and how much damage the
ligaments and muscles have sustained. Some sprains you can continue to walk on, but others require a
lot of rest in order to let the damage heal. Now just because you can walk on a sprained without a ton of
pain, doesn’t mean that you should, and you need to get it evaluated by a medical professional.
Treatment for this type of injury typically is meant to promote recovery and regain strength in the ankle.
Active Release Technique (ART) is the best way for us to accomplish this because it promotes extra
blood flow and strength. We can usually get most ankles into a good place in a few weeks.

Fracture or Break
When you sustain an ankle sprain, there is also a chance that you could suffer a fracture or a break as
well. While ligaments and muscles can get stretched or torn, the bones in the foot an ankle area could
collide or pull apart, leaving you with a little more of a severe injury.
A big misconception about these fractures is that they can only occur down right near the foot or ankle,
however, given the right circumstances, you can suffer a fracture further up your leg as well. This is why
it is incredibly important to have this injury looked at and x-rayed before starting care. With this
knowledge, we can put together a proper plan to make sure we treat all problems without putting
pressure on certain areas.

Achilles Tendonitis 
Most people are pretty familiar with where the Achilles Tendon is. This tendon runs down the back of
your calf muscle, down the back side of your foot and heel, and actually connects underneath the foot.
When we are participating in sports where there is a lot of repetitive “kick off” types of motion like
running, tennis, and basketball, there can be a lot of wear and tear in this area causing inflammation.
If the tendonitis is bothering you further down near your heel, that will usually require some hands-on
treatment because it is a tougher area to reach and requires more pressure. However, if it is higher up
near your calf muscle, it can usually be managed by yourself.

Injuries such as bunions are different from the ankle injuries above because they happen more gradually
over time vs. in one spilt second. Foot and toe injuries similar to bunions can be very successfully
treated with conservative measures.
Many people believe that there is nothing they can do about these types of things because they are
genetic, however, Biomechanics and proper footwear have much more to do with these types of injuries
than anything else, making them very preventable.

These are some of the most common foot and ankle injuries that we see. Some of these injuries require
treatment, however, as a part of our care, we make sure we give you

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