The miller sports & wellness difference

The Miller Sports & Wellness Difference

Why We’re Different

Here at Miller Sports & Wellness, we’re very different from most Chiropractic offices. We take pride in the unique experience we provide to our patients, and for good reason. MSWC empowers our patients to take hold of their health and gives them the tools to keep living well. Here is a breakdown of what makes us different from other Chiropractic offices.

Our Credentials

Miller Sports & wellness offers a well-rounded approach to healthcare. We staff a Chiropractor, Athletic Trainer, and Movement Educator as your treatment providers. Patients receive care from providers with a tremendous amount of expertise related to the human body. Together, Dr. Miller and Ryan have more than 15 years of experience in the sports medicine field. 

Dr Therese Miller of Miller Sports & Wellness

Dr. Therese Miller

Dr. Miller is a Licensed Chiropractic Physician with a background in Physical Rehabilitation, Biomechanics, Orthopedics, Athletic Training, and Personal Training.  Her wide array of knowledge and experience has helped her see the body from a broader perspective – a “30,000-foot view” as she calls it!


Our Philosophy

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Miller Sports & Wellness treats our patients from a full-body, total movement perspective. MSWC treats your pain and gets to the root of the problem creating your pain. In many cases, the area of pain is not the actual problem, but rather the messenger. Many treatment approaches and providers focus only on the area of pain- which is GREAT for short-term pain relief but never fully solves the problems. Miller Sports & Wellness is different because we believe when the root issue is remedied with our techniques, the pain stays away long-term and doesn’t transfer pain to elsewhere.

Our Freedom to Give Truly Patient-Centered CareMSWC's different approach to health care helps you control your path to health and optimal performance

Because we are an out-of-network (OON) office, we are able to provide the care based on the patient’s needs; not what the insurance company says. Being an OON office allows us to look at the thoracic area when shoulder pain is present; or examine the foot when hip pain is present.  In-network providers do not often have this luxury because insurance companies often deny such claims for treatment. 

Where you think it is, it often isn’t

For example: Thoracic (upper back) mobility restrictions often cause neck pain. If a patient is diagnosed with neck pain, insurance companies may only reimburse for care provided on the neck area; even if the root cause is thoracic tightness. We are not bound by those restrictions as an OON office.

Our patients receive the most advanced techniques available, without the added hassle of insurance restrictions. Patients get better significantly faster and receive the tools to stay pain-free for longer periods of time.

Our Variety of Techniques

Miller Sports & Wellness offers many different techniques in addition to Chiropractic adjustments. Visit our Services page for a complete list of the different techniques we use in our office. Take a look at our previous blogs discussing the great therapies we offer in our office:

To experience the Miller Sports & Wellness Difference – Book An Appointment Online, email or call our office for more information (262) 366-3655.

About the Author
Dr. Therese Miller, D.C., believes passionately about changing the expectations of patients toward their healthcare. Providing a fusion of chiropractic medicine, corrective exercise and manual therapies, she currently holds additional training in 9 techniques. Since 2013, she has held the prestigious "Elite Provider" certification through Active Release Techniques® and is working to complete her Diplomate in Rehab. Dr. Miller has built Miller Sports & Wellness as a leading resource for athletes and patients looking for long-term, pain-free living.

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