Cream City Performance Summit

We are excited to announce Dr. Miller has been invited to present at the first annual Cream City Performance Summit!

This 2 day event draws sports coaches, health and fitness professionals, strength coaches, and manual therapists from all over the midwest to learn from leaders in the field. You will be seeing much more about the event, but if you know anyone who loves learning cutting-edge techniques and providing lasting changes in themselves or their athletes, this is a great opportunity. Be sure to check out the website for more information!


When: Oct 14-15, 2017

Where: Rosencutter Ultra Performance in Wauwatosa.

Early Bird Pricing Extended to July 15.

Miller Sports & Wellness Chiropractic
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Miller Sports and Wellness (MSWC) is a team of movement specialists trained to help patients understand their unique movement and lifestyle habits to optimize their body's performance. MSWC is headed by Dr. Therese Miller, a Chiropractor with training in Active Release Technique® (ART®), a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and overall fitness fanatic. Dr Miller loves to help patients create balance in their bodies by uncovering movement inefficiencies to get to the root cause of their pain and movement dysfunction.

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