Office Closed May 2017 Due to Dr Miller's Surgery

Dr Miller is out of the office this May

Dr. Miller is having surgery May 1st and will be out of the office until June 14th.

Have no fear! Dr. Miller will return from surgery stronger than ever!  We’re very sorry to close the office for such an extended period of time, but this surgical procedure is one that Dr Miller must have for her own health and wellness.

Alternate Providers

We have a list of superb providers who will care for our patients in Dr. Miller’s absence. Click on the Provider’s name for a link to their respective websites and practices.

Dr. Corey Schneider, DC

Dr. Schneider uses similar adjusting, rehab, and soft-tissue techniques. He is probably the best match for all of the services MSWC offers.

Dr. Mark Drewicz, DC

Dr. Drewicz utilizes similar adjusting styles including Flexion-Distraction. Great for patients looking to maintain movement and pain control.

Dr. Treva Rademaker, DC

Dr. Treva uses similar adjusting and instrument assisted soft-tissue techniques. Great for patients not heavily into rehab but for tissue, pain, and condition control.

Elizabeth Hoffman

Elizabeth Hoffman is certified in Advanced Release Technique. Perfect for those patients interested in ART only or any of the massage services she offers.

Nick Rosencutter

Nick Rosencutter is certified in Advanced Release Technique. Perfect for those patients interested in ART and corrective exercise and fitness services he offers.


Schedule your mid-June appointment now to ensure you are seen upon Dr. Miller’s return to caring for patients.

Please contact our office via phone (262) 366-3655 or email if you have questions or concerns about your care.

Thank you for choosing Miller Sports & Wellness! We look forward to seeing you again this June!

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Miller Sports and Wellness (MSWC) is a team of movement specialists trained to help patients understand their unique movement and lifestyle habits to optimize their body's performance. MSWC is headed by Dr. Therese Miller, a Chiropractor with training in Active Release Technique® (ART®), a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and overall fitness fanatic. Dr Miller loves to help patients create balance in their bodies by uncovering movement inefficiencies to get to the root cause of their pain and movement dysfunction.

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