Is Football Dead? Part 1: Participation Rates

Is Football Dead? Part 1: The Decline of Football As We Know It – Concussions in American Football

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Is Football Dead? Part 1: The Decline of Football As We Know It – Concussions in American Football

Is Football Dead? There is an increasing trend of concern over American football’s safety (over the past 10-12 years). Brain injuries are the most highly publicized topic of concern. The overall short and long-term safety of the sport is coming into the forefront of the media.

Weekly football vines, with big hits and most dangerous plays are glorified for media consumption. Football is a tough sport…it’s not exactly what we’d call knitting class. Scientists and doctors, as well as parents, athletes and coaches have arising concerns surrounding head injuries, concussions, and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).

Is football too dangerous? Is it safe?

Participation Trends Offer Insight

Before we dive into the specifics of concussions, CTE and other forms of brain injury, we must first examine participation trends. If participation is in decline (and continues to decline over many years), we can reasonably predict what participation will look like in years to come. This will help us answer the question “Is Football Dead?”

In order for American football to completely dissolve, there would have to be no one left to play. Let’s face it; football is known as “America’s Game.” Will America’s game be able to survive the next century? If the participation in the youth and high school arenas continue to follow the trends outlined in this video, the future of football looks very different than the game we know today.

The Future of Football based on Participation Trends

My hypothesis is that if declining participation trends continue, one of, or a combination of, the following scenarios will begin. Either:

  1. There will eventually be no one left to play the game, and football will be completely eradicated. If this happens, my guess is that it would take several decades.
  2. Youth tackle football will be banned under a certain age.
  3. Football at all levels will be changed in such a way that it will be unrecognizable when compared with the football of today.

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Is Football Dead? Part 1: Participation Rates

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