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Dr. Miller is a provider who will never be too proud to learn something new. She strives to provide the highest quality, individualized care for every one of her patients. Sometimes that means driving out-of-state, to coordinate care with an internationally renowned provider; seeking the best treatment methods for a patient. She recently had the chance to work with Robert Lardner, PT and gain some new insight, new techniques and expanded perspective. Dr. Miller has dedicated herself to pursuing greatness and what is best for every patient at Miller Sports & Wellness.  

Dr Therese Miller is always up to learn new skills to help patients get to the Root of the Problem

July 5, 2016

Learning is something for which I always strive. Every patient, every case and every situation has something to teach. Recently, I have encountered a case which has put my clinical and treatment skills to the test. I know there are treatment methods available to help this patient and I have scoured Milwaukee looking for them. Unfortunately, I have not found providers in the area with the types of tools I believe best suit this patient.

On Thursday, June 23rd I closed my schedule and travelled with the patient to Chicago. Here, we met with Robert Lardner, an internationally recognized PT. Mr. Lardner has an extensive resume, including teaching internationally for the technique Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), authoring text books and studying extensively under 3 of the most well-known manual therapists in the world (Dr. Pavlov Kolar, Karl Lewitt, and Vladimir Janda).

I originally met Robert Lardner when he instructed one of my continuing education courses in 2013. His knowledge and skill set, I believe, may provide the missing tools for this patient. Mr. Lardner was kind enough to let me accompany the patient and coordinate care first-hand. I was able to shadow the visit, take notes and understand how he integrates numerous techniques to achieve results.  I followed his evaluation, methods of checking to see if techniques were making changes, discussed new homecare techniques for the patient to utilize, and developed strategies for future treatment plans.

Both the patient  were excited to learn new skills and I left the visit encouraged. I have a list of notes and techniques to utilize for the next 6-8 visits. The patient has some new home tools to help control pain or changes in their case. As we follow the improvement of the patient, Mr. Lardner and I will stay in communication and work to coordinate her case for the best results.

I hope to continue to learn from Mr. Lardner in the future. I am always looking to incorporate new techniques that provide cutting-edge, irrefutable results for our patients. Thank you to those patients who kindly rescheduled or were unable to see me that Thursday in June. I hope all of our patients can benefit from my continued growth and skills!


~Dr. Miller

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About the Author
Dr. Therese Miller, D.C., believes passionately about changing the expectations of patients toward their healthcare. Providing a fusion of chiropractic medicine, corrective exercise and manual therapies, she currently holds additional training in 9 techniques. Since 2013, she has held the prestigious "Elite Provider" certification through Active Release Techniques® and is working to complete her Diplomate in Rehab. Dr. Miller has built Miller Sports & Wellness as a leading resource for athletes and patients looking for long-term, pain-free living.

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