Hilloopy 2016

Hilloopy PosterMiller Sports & Wellness is looking for athletes of all ages/skill level to join us in July!

That’s right – we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk run the run! We are building a walk/run team for the July 30, 2016 Hilloopy Relay!

This event is not competitive on an individual level (although we always encourage you to compete for your personal best). It is welcome to anyone that wants to walk/run the course. The Hilloopy Relay consists of 33 total  loops, around UW-Parkside Dannehl National Cross Country 5K Course. your individual times are not tracked, only the team’s total number of loops!

What’s so great about the Hilloopy, you ask? More like, what’s NOT great about it?! This unique running event provides a tailgate environment, featuring a DJ, free craft beers and soda, food served by the UW-Parkside Cross Country team and fun games while you wait for your team. On top of all that, you get an event t-shirt too! There is an open invitation to bring your favorite craft beer to contribute to the community coolers, as well. If you choose t o join our MillerSWC team, you will receive a team shirt, to wear the day of the event!

Stay tuned for updates about a series of ‘change your training game’ workshops hosted by MSWC and featuring professionals from our local sports medicine community!

Are you ready? Let’s run.

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