Year in Review

Welcome to 2016! At Miller Sports & Wellness, we pursue every opportunity to enhance your experience. 2015 brought a few big changes to our facility – a new athletic trainer, new programs and new value to our patients! We’d like to take a few moments to highlight the biggest and best changes we have made, thus far.


Most of our patients have experienced an increase in deductible/co-pays and have found that our new system actually saves them money! MSWC made a big leap to be an “out-of-network” provider. While this may seem scary, it brings a lot of benefit to our patients and your treatment. By collecting payment at the time of service, we have eliminated unnecessary restrictions and are able to provide the level of individualized care that we pride ourselves on.  In addition to knowing your cost up front, you won’t have to worry about surprise statements coming in the mail months after services are rendered.  The decreased time spent processing insurance payments have also allowed us to decrease our fees. To help ease your mind, MSWC also offers payment package options. Feel free to contact the office, via phone or email, for more details.

Key points:

  • Increased ability to provide individualized treatment plans that target your injury and goals 
  • Know your cost upfront – no surprise fees, months after treatment
  • Less administrative ‘cat-and-mouse’ means we were able to reduce your cost
  • MSWC can still provide appropriate forms for individual, OON reimbursement
  • HSA/FSA eligible


In March we welcomed Ryan Lowery MS, ATC;L, CAFS as our Athletic Trainer. Ryan is originally from Green Bay, WI and has been practicing as a Certified Athletic Trainer for several years.  He has worked in various realms of athletic training including orthopedics, football, volleyball, hockey…the list goes on!  At MSWC, his role is the coordinating provider alongside Dr. Miller. Together, they co-manage cases to provide seamless and high quality care for all of our patients. In the office, it is easy to see that he is not only knowledgeable but passionate about helping others.  Some would say he puts the ‘fun’ in ‘functional’!  You can view Ryan’s full bio on our website.

Key points: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training at Northern Michigan University in 2007
  • Completed Master’s degree in Exercise Science from Northern Michigan University in 2009
  • Experiences include: NCAA Division II Athletics, World Cup Speed-skating Championships and Olympic Time Trials, & women’s flat track roller derby.
  • Co-manages every case with Dr. Miller during regular hours, facilitates Open Clinic and other community outreach opportunities.


We continuously pursue opportunities to improve all aspects of your MSWC experience, not just in the office. In November, we launched a brand new and improved website – same standards of care now wrapped in a pretty package! This new site provides a convenient hub of informational resources, patient paperwork, contact information, blog articles and more!
We also trialed our Open Clinic program, which is a half hour, semi-private training room. Patients are eligible when they are nearing release from care or when the focus of their care is prevention and minor tissue complaints. Those eligible for this program review their rehab exercises, or receive tissue work, under the watchful eyes of an MSWC clinician – for a fraction of the cost. While this program is not open to all patients, we encourage compliance with your treatment schedule so you can qualify and take advantage of this incredible opportunity.  Contact MSWC to see if you qualify!

Key points:

  • New logo, new look, same high quality care!
  • A convenient ‘hub’ of information; get to know the staff, the techniques and philosophy of MSWC
  • The cost effectiveness of Open Clinic encourages compliance with homecare. Same benefits of care and
  • Coming soon to the website: rehab videos! It’s still a work in progress but we’re almost there!


We now offer gift cards, so you can share good health and happiness with those you love. What’s great about these gift cards is they never expire! This can be helpful when you have “use it or lose it” HSA/FSA money at the end of the year. Share these for birthdays, holidays, thank you, or just because – anytime is the right time to receive the gift of good health!

Key points:

  • Makes a great gift
  • FSA/HSA eligible – Don’t lose your money at the end of the year!
  • Available year round (Specials are advertised on our website and social media!)
  • Great for all patients and all occasions
About the Author
Dr. Therese Miller, D.C., believes passionately about changing the expectations of patients toward their healthcare. Providing a fusion of chiropractic medicine, corrective exercise and manual therapies, she currently holds additional training in 9 techniques. Since 2013, she has held the prestigious "Elite Provider" certification through Active Release Techniques® and is working to complete her Diplomate in Rehab. Dr. Miller has built Miller Sports & Wellness as a leading resource for athletes and patients looking for long-term, pain-free living.

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